SolveTech Productions is an experienced NY based sound, audio/visual, lighting and staging company.  We bring together optimal technical solutions with the finest professionals in the industry to provide a variety of services that will make your special event one to remember!

By choosing SolveTech Productions, you are choosing quality, not quantity.  Based on the specifics of your event, our experienced engineers will set up a system configuration that will best suite your needs as well as your budget.

In an event, whether it may be as private as a wedding or public as a corporate event, the lighting and sound in the venue is what makes an event memorable. You can have the most magnificent centerpieces, the greatest entertainer on stage or the most beautiful models walking down the catwalk in your fashion show. Without the proper lighting which is filled with the right color & texture and rich, warm sound, any well-planned event will look dull and uninteresting.

From sound and lighting to video projecting and recording, from staging and rigging to studio recording and post production, from broadcasting to clip making, from classical, jazz, rock bands to dj’s and solo artists – SolveTech Productions is your source quality, reliability and professionalizm.



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